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Monday, April 25, 2011

Why we Need Renewable Food Tech to Feed the World

Angel investor, Ali Partovi, is stimulating discussion in the area of  "renewable" food technologies and has just launched FixFood, a forum for people to share ideas on how to fix America's broken food system. You can learn more about sustainable approaches to agriculture in his informative TechCrunch article - Food Is The New Frontier In Green Tech.

The rapidly growing world population is creating a shortage of natural resources and harming the environment.
These short videos raise awareness of the unsustainable levels of human consumption and the urgent need for renewable food production solutions.

Big Question: Feast or Famine?

Video from the University of Minnesota - Institute on the Environment
More videos available from the UMNIonE YouTube Channel

Population Growth

Population Growth - Infographic from Kristy Graybill on Vimeo.

Via Earth Protect

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Video Production Tools
The software tools used in the production of these videos include Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

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