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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gaia - The Future of Politics

A journey through time charting the information power shift caused by the Internet and the ensuing development of a new global politics. Website
Gaia, a New World Order, is born today, the 14 August 2054.
Racial conflicts, ideological conflicts, religious conflicts, territorial conflicts belong to the past.
Every man is a world citizen, subject to the same law.
The Internet has driven the change, spreading communication, knowledge and organization at a planetary level. Transcript
Via Bruce Eisner's Vision Thing

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Contsructive Capitalism

Umair Haque @ Daytona Sessions vol. 2 - Constructive Capitalism from Daytona Sessions on Vimeo. February 12, 2009, Stockholm.

A thought provoking presentation by the Director of the Havas Media Lab, Umair Haque,  about Constructive Capitalism and Why Ideals are the New Business Models

The Ten Laws of Constructive Capitalism

 1. Strategy is a commodity
 2. Competition is obsolete
 3. There is nothing more asymmetrical than an ideal
 4. Tomorrow is today
 5. Connections not transactions
 6. People, not product
 7. Creativity, not productivity
 8. Outcomes not incomes
 9. Advantage is in the DNA
10. The next revolution is institutional