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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The World Wants Obama for President

BetaVote 2008 is an experimental online polling site that lets people from any country submit their vote for a candidate in the 2008 US Presidential Election. At the time of writing the first several thousand votes place Obama well in the lead with 80.87% of the vote count, McCain has 10.88% and Other 8.25%.

It's a small but interesting sample bearing in mind the consequences of this election will affect the rest of the world. Consider the first Betavote poll in 2004 which finished Kerry 421,770 (88%), Bush 55,242 (11%).

My SpyPoint lens currently features some real-time tracking tools for the 2008 presidential election. You can also share and view sites with auto-updating crowdstreams for other types of social data.

Photo by pixarman
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