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Friday, October 03, 2008

Print The Truth - Distributed Political Poster System

PRINT THE TRUTH is a blog offering poster designs about the 2008 US presidential election. The satirical designs have a pro Democrat Party spin designed to make you think about the election candidates, their opinions, facts and follies.

PRINT THE TRUTH is the first distributed political poster system in history. Every day until the election, we give you a free poster. Print as many as you can, paste em up. Put them on the office fridge, the cars in the lot, on your vacuum cleaner, wherever you can."

With 100,000 people printing 10 posters a day, we can hang 60 million important messages between now and election day. Power to the printer, power to the people.

You can track election developments and other real-time crowdstreaming data at SpyPoint

Wikipedia: Political parties in the United States

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