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Friday, January 06, 2006

Best Albums of 2005 - Resources and Lists

Every year hundreds of "top lists" representing the opinions and recommendations of music enthusiasts worldwide are published online. Here are a couple of resources that make it easier to find and explore these lists, ultimately speeding your journey to discovering good music. Many of the lists also provide album reviews and information for buying the music online.

In Depth
DJ Martian: More Best of 2005 Music Links a central resource for 2005 music lists and information. Hundreds of lists are archived at Great for exploring specialist music resources and expert opinions.

At a Glance best Albums of 2005 provides a table displaying the highest-scoring albums for the year in Metacritic's database with a minimum of 7 reviews. Also listed at the bottom of the page are year-end top ten lists provided by various critics and publications. Use this list for a quick overview and comparison of albums from popular music resources and publications.

If you're interested in creating your own list of things you'd like to share check out 7 Ways to Get to the Top of the Popular Page for some useful tips on presentation.

More interesting things from 2005 at

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